Business Incorporation

Business Incorporation Lawyer

What is a corporation?

By incorporating a business you create a new legal entity called a company, or corporation.  By incorporating your business you give it the same rights and obligations as a natural person. Some of these rights include:

  • acquire and own assets,
  • borrow money,
  • enter contracts, and
  • Sue.

On the other hand, a corporation has several obligations, can get into debt, and be sued.

Why incorporate your business?

There are many reasons to incorporate a business. It may give you favourable tax benefits. It may also provide a layer of protection against personal liability. As you may be aware, a corporation may limit the liability of the person or people who own the business. For example, if a company is unsuccessful and goes bankrupt, the person or people who invested in the company can only lose their investment to the creditors. Therefore, the corporation acted as a shield against personal liability.

As mentioned, another incorporation benefit deals with taxes. In many cases the corporate tax rate is lower than the individual tax rate. This can save you money and provide real fiscal advantages. We recommend that you consult an accountant to determine whether there are tax advantages to you by incorporating your business.

How do I register a business? 

We will register your business as a part of the incorporation process. Registering your business is included in the initial incorporation fee. We will complete the necessary forms and send the required information to the Registry office. We will obtain your share certificate, and, if necessary, will draft your by-laws and shareholder agreement.

How do I get legal advice on incorporating a business? 

Please fill out the free lawyer consultation form to obtain legal advice on your:

  • Corporate name
  • Office address
  • Incorporators
  • Directors
  • President
  • Shareholders
  • Location of registration

*The information above is very general and may not relate to your situation. Details vary case by case depending on your business. For this reason we strongly encourage you to make an appointment and consult with our incorporation lawyer. We further advise you to contact a certified accountant.