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We are Committed to Providing Our Legal Services

Our lawyers at Hill and Hill are aware of the high expenses associated with legal services. We also are committed to lowering the access to justice barriers that exist. Appreciating that service is at the center of the legal industry, we hope to provide fair and reasonable fees for each service rendered. Not only do we provide pro bono services to hand-selected clients, we also offer seasonal promotions.

Why are legal services so expensive?

The services we provide are important. Our services often require a consistent and thorough study of the law. The requirements to become a lawyer take time, sacrifice, and risk. Not only that, but also the completion of rigorous courses and examinations. At times, clients do not pay. Moreover, the law society requires each lawyer to pay annual fees to keep his or her status active. Despite this, we provide limited-time offers to reach those that do not have the budget for extensive legal expenses. Legal services should be available to all despite their income. We hope you take advantage of these offers.

Are there any current offers?

At this time there are no current offers.

Do you have an example of a previous offer?

The offer below was extended from October through December, 2018:

New Parents – 35% off Your Will: If you had a child within the previous 5 years, you qualify for our 35% off, limited time promotion. Our Wills and estate planning lawyers offer this discount knowing the financial strains placed on new parents. *This promotion is limited to the first 10 people that claim it.

Moreover, our Wills and estate planning lawyers appreciate the value of having a Will. In the event that you pass away at the same time as your spouse or partner, who will assume primary care of your children? Your siblings, parents, close friends, and relatives will likely fight over your children. And, if you do not have a Will, this will be left to a Court to decide. Judges, as qualified and fair as they are, do not know your children better than you. We hope this offer allows new parents to better guarantee their children’s well-being in the event of their death.

Hill and Hill Law Office has over 25 years of experience in drafting Wills. We are familiar with the formalities required in drafting a valid Will. This offer is extended to anyone who has had a child within the previous 5 years. The offer is only extended to December 31, 2018, and only applies to Wills. Please call our office at 403-527-1544, mention this offer, and schedule an appointment today! Our Wills and estate planning lawyers are ready to assist you.

How do I claim an offer?

Contact our office today to claim your offer! Simply mention the promotion and book an appointment now!

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