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If you believe you need a lawyer, but you are unsure if we have experience with your situation, please call our contact us now. We are dedicated to help you with your legal matter, as long as we have the time and expertise. If we feel your matter is best handled by another lawyer with more experience in that area of law, we can send you in the right direction. Having thousands of clients from Medicine Hat, Redcliff, Dunmore, and Brooks, we know what legal services are in demand. We established ourselves in Medicine Hat over 25 years ago and we have a well-established network of business professionals. We will see that you get the best help possible.

Our lawyers provide legal services for the following matters:

  • notaries (notary public) and commissions (commissioner of oaths),
  • guarantees under the Guarantees Acknowledgment Act (Alberta),
  • contract interpretation and advice,
  • independent legal advice regarding a family property agreement, and
  • tenancy agreements and disputes.

Primary Areas of Law

While our primary areas of law are personal injury, real estate, wills and estates, and business law, we provide a wide array of legal services. Typically, our clientele consists of people from Medicine Hat, Brooks, Dunmore, and Redcliff, but our office is willing to help anyone – so long as we have the time and competency to do so.

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Our dedicated staff is ready to assist you in your legal matter. We offer free personal injury advice for accidents involving car crashes, slip and falls, bicycle accidents, and fatal accidents. Our office also provides free lawyer consultations for incorporating a business/registering a business, any real estate transaction, and wills and estates matter.

If you need legal assistance, please contact us as follows:

  • Phone: 403-527-1544
  • E-mail: LN@hillandhill.ca
  • Facebook: Click here and send us a direct message
  • In Person: Suite 6, 3151 Dunmore Road SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta
  • You may also use the “Contact Us” form on this page