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Can you help me fight my traffic ticket?   

If a lawyer is available to attend court on your behalf, then we may assist you. Also, our traffic ticket lawyer may advise you on the merits of any traffic ticket defence you have. Lastly, our traffic ticket lawyer may negotiate with the Crown to obtain a lesser penalty. At times the Crown will agree to drop a charge (if you are facing many), or reduce the charge to settle the matter early.

Regardless of the severity of the traffic charge, you may have to attend court up to three times just to fight your ticket. Our lawyers at Hill & Hill can canvass strategies to streamline the process and reduce your penalties. There are certain rights each person is entitled to, such as the right to receive disclosure form the Crown. If you are unaware of your rights, contact our office and discuss your matter with our lawyer.

Are there penalties for ignoring my traffic ticket?

It is not advisable to ignore your traffic ticket. The penalties for ignoring a traffic ticket depends largely on your traffic ticket. If you do not appear on your scheduled court date, then you risk:

  • Being convicted in your absence,
  • Losing your ability to defend your ticket, and
  • Having a warrant issued for your arrest.

The risk depends on the ticket you received. A speeding ticket is handled differently than a driving without insurance ticket. With that being said, we can advise you of the possible consequences of not showing up to court. We can also stand as your agent to enter a plea, set a date for a hearing, adjourn your matter, or argue your case. In this case, you would not have to attend court. If you need a lawyer to appear on your behalf, please contact us today.

Can I face jail time for my traffic ticket?

Generally speaking, the answer is “no.” But if you do not appear to a mandatory court date you may have a warrant out for your arrest. Furthermore, there are more serious traffic offences that, depending on your driving history, may contain a jail sentence. Though this usually only occurs if you committed the same serious offence recently. Lastly, upon non-payment of a limited amount of traffic ticket convictions, you may face jail time.

How do demerits work?

If you are concerned about your demerits, then please contact our traffic ticket lawyer. Our lawyer can advise you on:

  • The amount of demerits you face with your current charge(s),
  • The amount of demerits you can have before facing a licence suspension,
  • The Crown’s requirement to notify you of your demerits, and
  • The several legal strategies for avoiding demerit-related consequences.

There are ways to reduce your demerits. One way is to simply wait. After a certain time your demerits will no longer be valid. Another way is to attend a Defensive Driving Course, which typically reduces your demerits by 3 points. The courses are available online. They cost around $100 to attend. A comprehensive list of demerits is found on the Traffic Safety Act’s Demerit Point Program and Service of Documents Regulation. In this Regulation, you can find the schedule that reveals the amount of demerits associated with a traffic offense.

What else can you help me with?

There is much more a lawyer can help you with. A lawyer can also assist you with requesting additional time to pay your fee. As many offences include a fee range (i.e. $2,000 – $10,000 fee), our lawyer can argue to the court to give you the lowest penalty possible.

If you face licence suspension, a significant fine, or possible jail time due to your traffic ticket, please contact our office today to consult with our traffic ticket defense lawyer. We serve those in Medicine Hat, Redcliff, Dunmore, Brooks, and its surrounding areas.

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