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Lawyer for Bicycle Accidents in Medicine Hat

Bicycle accidents can lead to serious injury and death, particularly if cars are also involved. Bicyclists are sometimes responsible, but riders should take additional precautions as bicyclists are more vulnerable on the road. Like all injuries, the responsibility for bicycle crash injuries is based on negligence. This may be difficult to assess in cases of bike accidents. Negligence in bicycle accidents consists of two aspects- negligence on the part of the driver or negligence of the bicyclist.

Negligence by the driver encompasses speeding, driving into a bike lane, or overlooking a stop sign on the road. If a cyclist sues a driver or a cyclist is sued for causing injuries to someone else, negligence on the part of the cyclist will decide the outcome of the case. Negligence of the cyclist includes driving the wrong lane, ignoring a stop sign, and turning into traffic unexpectedly.

If you’ve recently been involved in a bicycle accident, your injuries and setbacks are likely to be substantial – even life changing. In order to prove that the other party is liable, you may need an experienced personal injury lawyer that can correctly navigate you through the process and ensure you receive an appropriate compensation for your motor vehicle or bicycle accident injuries. At Hill and Hill Law, our experienced lawyers can help you receive fair compensation.




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Lawyers for Bicycle Accident Claims

Our lawyers can help you with legal advice in case of the injuries sustained due to a bicycle accident.

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