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Lawyer for Spinal Cord Injury in Medicine Hat

Spinal cord injury affects the central nervous system in the spinal cord, which holds impulses between the body and the brain and regulates the motions and experiences of the body. It can result in a complete or partial loss of motor function and feeling or a true paralysis of limbs. The cause of these injuries could be a trauma, blow, or some kind of impact on one's spine as a result of a car accident, a fall, a violent act (such as a gunshot wound), a sport related injury, a developmental disorder, or a surgery gone wrong among other causes.


Spinal cord injuries have an unfortunate past of carrying severe consequences to its victims. More typical than not, a spinal cord injury changes one’s life completely. Many become disabled in one way or another for an extended period of time, if not for the rest of their lives. If an injury of this nature has occurred to you, it’s important that you get a spinal cord injury lawyer involved to ensure you the best post-injury life possible. At Hill and Hill Law, our spinal cord injury lawyer has worked with clients in the local Medicine Hat area for years. We are dedicated to giving your case the strict attentiveness it requires. If your life has been damaged as a result of a spinal cord injury, please give us a call .




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Lawyer for Brain Trauma Injury

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