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Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers in Medicine Hat

At Hill and Hill Law, we understand that unforeseen accidents are mostly unavoidable. Slip and fall accidents can inflict intense injuries like spinal cord damage, a broken hip, traumatic brain injury, and even death in extreme cases. Not only do such accidents cause pain to the victim but also result in high medical bills that cause a financial strain. When slip and fall accidents happen due to negligence on the part of property owners like an open construction site, open drains or wet floors, they may be held liable for the losses of the victim. 


For most situations, a person injured due to a slip and fall on the property of another person must prove that the cause of the incident was a serious situation and the owner or landlord was aware of the dangerous state of the land. A dangerous condition must present an undue risk to a person on the property and must have been a condition that the injured party should not have anticipated in the circumstances. The latter criterion means that people must be mindful of and avoid apparent risks.

Our lawyers in Medicine Hat who deal with slip and fall accidents have experience in a wide range of cases and a long history of success.


An individual was recently compensated who was hit by a car while he was walking at a crosswalk.  We were also involved with a man who slipped on ice at a local restaurant.  Both were not at fault, suffered injuries, and were fully compensated for their varying losses.




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Lawyers for Slip & Fall Injury

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