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Buying, Selling, and Refinancing your Property in Medicine Hat

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Real estate

Our Medicine Hat lawyers are still handling any real estate transaction. This includes any sale, purchase, or refinancing of your property. The Land Titles office in Calgary is still open and operational, and so are we. Contact us today to receive a free lawyer consultation and quote.

Wills, estates, and guarantees

Our lawyers are available to draft wills , personal directives, and enduring power of attorney documents. 

Incorporation / business

Our office is still providing legal services to incorporate your business. If you are an individual living in or near Medicine Hat, then schedule a consultation to begin incorporating your business.

Other Legal Services

Our Medicine Hat lawyers are still providing the following legal services :

Notaries (notary public)

Commissions (commissioner of oaths)

Guarantees under the Guarantees Acknowledgment Act (Alberta)

Independent legal advice for Family Property Agreements

Contractual interpretation and advice

Our office is open to answer any questions regarding any legal legal services in Medicine Hat. Feel free to reach out to us.




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